What is Heat Pipe Heat Sink?

A heat pipe heat sink typically made of copper and aluminum, it is a high-efficiency heat dissipation device with unique heat dissipation characteristics.

Heatell Heat pipe heat sinks are designed to optimize the cooling process and maintain low temperatures in electronic or mechanical devices.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink Design Phase Communication

Date: 22nd Sep 2021

We received a heat sink inquiry from a projector manufacturer. Their application utilizes a heat pipe heat sink to cool down the LED light source. The heat generated by the LED is transferred to a set of heat sinks, which are then cooled by a fan.

Here is the customer’s conceptual design:

heat pipe heatsink thermal simulation

Heat pipe heat sink are typically made of copper tubes and copper fins, or copper tubes and aluminum fins.

Copper fins have higher heat dissipation efficiency but are more expensive. For meeting the customer’s specified cooling requirements, we recommend using copper tubes and aluminum fins.

Custom Heat Sink Preliminary Quotation

After conducting a technical evaluation, we make a quotation for the customer. Additionally, we shared some similar heat pipe heat sink pictures and videos we have worked on before.

The heat pipe heat sink production requires a set of molds, which amounts to approximately 7000 USD, the client think the price is reasonable.

In addition to price, customers also care about whether we have thermal energy analysis capabilities.

heat pipe thermal conductivity

We do have the capability to simulate thermal heat testing by modeling, however, the customer requires test the actual produced heat sink, we recommend sending it to a professional testing organization such as SGS, this will ensure accurate simulated data.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink Sample Production

Date: 22nd Sep 2021

After negotiating the testing with the customer, they placed an order for open mold.

The heat pipe heat sink are divided into two types: copper pipe heatsink and aluminum stamping heat sink. However, there is no need us to install them together.

custom heat sink

Due to open a molds need much time, the lead time is longer than conventional aluminum heat sink.

The following picture shows the heat pipe heat sink mold:

Stamping Heat Sink

After the mold is completed, a mold assembly test is required:

In the testing, we had a little problem: trying to stamp the fins, the fins weren’t quite complete.

So we retested the mold and replaced a faulty part. Afterwards the fins can be stamped perfectly.

copper pipe heat sink

Date: 19nd Jan 2022

Heat pipe heat sink sample is complete produced, the customer arranged DHL to pick up.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink Feedback

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples, and after modifying some small details, he placed a bulk order of 2,000 pieces on February 14th.

heat pipe heat sink

Whether you need standard heat sink or custom heat sink, Heatell could meet your needs!

Heatell committed to delivering superior products that effectively manage heat and protect your electronic devices.

heat pipe heatsinks shipping

Contact us today to discuss your heat sink requirements!

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