What is a Copper Skived Heat Sink?

A copper skived heat sink is a cooling solution, it is manufactured by skiving fins from asolid copper block, using a sharp and controlled blade tool.

This process, known as skiving, creates thin fins that increase the surface area for heat dissipation, allowing for efficient cooling.

This type of heat sink is commonly used in industry, LED light, inverter, chip, electronic, etc.

Skived Fin Heat Sink Design Phase Communication

Date: 26nd Sep 2021

We received a heatsink profile inquiry. The customer wants a pin fin heat sink like the one in the picture, but this type heat sink is patented by a US company. Currently, there are no manufacturers in China producing this kind of heat sink.

Pin fin Heatsinks

Therefore we recommend this skived fin heat sink:

Skived Fin Heat Sink

Skived Fin Heat Sink Preliminary Quotation

The customer accept it, after we quoted for him, he is satisfy with our price. So next is some technical questions.

Custom Copper Heatsink Technical discussions

The customer send us drawings for evaluation:

Custom Copper Heatsink

After technical evaluation, we found that the custom heat sink minimum fin gap and thickness we can achieve is 3mm.

Custom Heat Sink

The customer has requested a video meeting to discuss technical matters.

During the discussion in the video, we talked about issues such as copper grade, MOQ, and lead time.

Heatell heatsinks Customer Meeting

The customer actually wanted us to achieve 0.15mm thicknes , and asked if other manufacturing methods, such as cold forging, could achieve it.

However, our technical assessment showed that cold forging can only achieve a 2mm thickness. The customer mentioned that 0.15mm thickness would result in a significant pressure drop, so they are considering redesigning.

While waiting for the customer to redesign, we took into consideration that the customer may not be familiar with the fin process. Therefore, we sent two copper heat sinks to the customer as a reference.

Copper Heat Sink

After receiving the skived fin heat sink samples, the customer was satisfied and continued with their design work.

Custom Copper Heatsink Sample Production

Date: 30nd Dec 2021

The customer completed their custom copper heatsink drawings and requested us to arrange for a prototype. During the production process, the customer had some questions as follows:

  • Will the heat sink fins curl during the chamfering process?
  • Can the flatness reach 0.15mm?

We provided a copper chamfering video to the customer for reference. Due to the low height and thick thickness of the skived fin heat sink, they will not curl during the production process. We measured the skived fin heat sink sample flatness to be 0.05mm.

On February 21, 2022, the sample has been basically completed.

Skived Fin Heat Sink Sample Feedback

In April 2022, the customer received the sample and sent it to Singapore for brazing, final testing and packaging, and finally submitted to their end customer, the customer is very satisfied with the product.

Heatell is a professional heatsinks manufacturer , committed to providing customers with quality products and excellent services.

Heatell puts customers’ needs at the forefront, strives to understand customer requirements, and provides customized solutions that adapt to customer needs.

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