Water Cooling Heatsink
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Water cooling heatsink

Water Cooling Heatsink

Heatell water cooling heatsink has an incredible aesthetic and appearance. This feature is what most companies love about our water cooling heatsink.

  • Complied with SGS Quality and ISO Certifications
  • Owns advanced and state of the art production lines
  • Ensures short lead time and guarantees 10% faster shipment
  • Offers thousands of readily available heat sinks in standard sizes and shapes

Your Best Water Cooling Heatsink Provider and Factory

Heatell water cooling heatsink has plenty of advantages for your company. First, Heatell water cooling heatsink allows fewer clearance issues for RAM.

water cooling heat sink

It is also one of the best cooling options because of its wide surface area. Heatell water cooling heatsink is considered to be one of the cooler masters which is excellent in heat transfer.

water cooling heatsink

Item TypeWater Cooling Heatsink
Plate materialAluminum alloy
Tube materialCopper, aluminum, or stainless steel
ShapesBased on your requirements.
Production ProcessAluminum plate cutting—CNC Grooves making—Embedding Tubes (Friction stir welding, Vacuum brazing)—Epoxy adhesive filling—CNC machining—Cleaning—Inspecting—Packing
Technicalextrusion, skived fin, stamping, cold forging, bonded fin, die cast, liquid cold plates, folded fin
ApplicationInverter, Inverter, Power, IGBT, Rectifier, LED Lighting, Welding Machine, Communication Equipment, Electronics Industry,
Solid State Relay, Controller, Electromagnetic Heating
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sand blasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Packagingstandard export packaging or as discussed
Service1. Free sample, Free design;
2. OEM/ODM available;
3. Custom-made request;
4. New design solution suggestion
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port
Our Advantagesuperior quality with competitive price, Certified enterprises in China

For over 8 years, Heatell has been providing quality heat sink products to companies and businesses. Heatell aims to boost your company’s growth and development.

water cooling heatsink

We are committed to manufacturing cooling solution products to fulfill your specific needs. Please message us to assist you with your purchase.

Water cooling heatsink factory

Our customer representative will respond to your questions immediately. Request a free quote now.

heat sink profile testing

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Heatell: Your Professional Water Cooling Heatsink Manufacturer and Supplier with Competitive Price

Heatell water cooling heatsink is highly recommended by many companies and businesses worldwide because of its key features.

Further, Heatell water cooling heatsink increases PC performance.

Not only that, Heatell water cooling heatsink has ease of installation and has a cost-performance trade-off.

advantage of Water cooling heatsink

Heatell water cooling heatsink is known to provide better thermal performance than air cooling. Plus, Heatell water cooling heatsink is best in regulating temperatures. Thus, Heatell water cooling heatsink is perfect for your unique needs.

heat sink types

Heatell water cooling heatsink can be purchased in hydro series which functions as a close loop heat pipe. Heatell water cooling heatsinks are popular for being a better liquid CPU cooler than an air cooler.

Above all, Heatell water cooling heatsink can dissipate heat from different conductors. Also, Heatell water cooling heatsink is known to minimize power loss during operation.

One of its best qualities includes protecting electronics from overheating and failure. Therefore, Heatell water cooling heatsink is a reliable solution for your heat problems.

To further explain how it works, Heatell water cooling heatsink dissipates heat by distributing it away from the hardware.

Heatell water cooling heatsink has an improved thermal feature too. Furthermore, Heatell water cooling heatsink can cut costs up to 25%. This is to ensure to save your company money and time.

On top of that, Heatell water cooling heatsink is versatile because of its many functions. Heatell water cooling heatsink is used mainly on electronic components. Also, it is utilized in computers, motherboards, and etc.

In order to assure a short lead time, Heatell offers a variety of readily available standard shapes, sizes, and colors. Heatell water cooling heatsink is available in silver, black, white, bronze, green, and gray colors.

Heatell also provides a wide range of surface treatments with better thermal power. Moreover, Heatell water cooling heatsink comes in anodize, mill, polish, sandblast, and powder coat finishes.

Heatell also provides free samples and free designs for their customers to try. Additionally, OEM and ODM are available for your company’s benefit.

Most especially, Heatell welcomes custom-made request water cooling heatsink. You can design and personalize your own water cooling heatsink.

Our professional engineers will guide you along the manufacturing process. If you only have ideas, our staff will help you design your water cooling heatsink.

Heatell is equipped with new design solution suggestions. We assure to provide you with outstanding service to meet your requirements.

We will help you all throughout the production process. From profile extrusions, cutting, CNC machining, inspecting to packing, Heatell’s staff will guide you.

Heatell is a certified and reliable brand that originated in China. We have passed ISO and SGS quality certifications which guarantee our quality products.

Order your water cooling heatsink now by requesting a free quote. Our customer service staff will be glad to assist you in your purchase.

Heatell water cooling heat sink plays a huge role in excellent heat dissipation. Apart from that, Heatell water cooling heat sink is notable for taking away a large amount of heat from your devices.

Likewise, Heatell water-cooled heat sink is suitable for ultra-high power gadgets. Businesses commend liquid cooling over air cooling because it offers advanced thermal solutions.

In addition, Heatell water cooled heat sink is also called liquid cooled heat sinks.

Heatell water cooled heat sink is an innovative heat exchanger product made by our state-of-the-art extrusion lines. Also, Heatell water cooled heat sink allows better heat transfer between two different surfaces.

With Heatell’s international competence, we were able to develop efficient and compact cooling heat sinks. Heatell water cooled heat sink is one of the best cooling devices that will surely suit your needs.

Heatell water cooled heat sink is known for its excellent thermal resistance and thermal performance.

In fact, Heatell water cooled heat sink is ideal for extreme heat loads and harsh environments.  All of these characteristics are fulfilled by your water cooled heat sink while maintaining its design flexibility.

Heatell water cooled heat sink is cost-saving because we have plenty of standard sizes and shapes on the stock. Our thousands of readily available heat sinks will save you time and money.

Hence, Heatell water cooled heat sink is a supreme choice for your unique requirements.

On top of those, Heatell water cooled heat sink is also easy to install. It is excellent at temperature regulation as well.

Heatell water cooled heat sink does great work in distributing heat outside of the systems via fans. Heatell offers a wide range of fans which include skived and folded fans.

For more details about the accessories for your water cooled heat sink, feel free to contact us anytime.

With regards to its functions, Heatell water cooled heat sink is highly versatile and beneficial to your company.

Primarily, Heatell water cooled heat sink is used in computers as a CPU cooler. Also, Heatell water cooled heat sinks benefit electronic gadgets.

Aside from standard choices, Heatell water cooled heat sinks can be fully customized.

Heatell’s professional staff will assist you from beginning to finalizing your water cooled heat sink’s designs.

Aside from water cooling heat sink, Heatell also offers liquid cold plates made from stainless steel or copper tubes.

Further, Heatell welcomes you even if you only have ideas. Our engineers and architects have plenty of design suggestions.


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