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Heatell Power Resistor Heat Sink to Skyrocket Your Business

For 8 years in the heatsink industry, Heatell gained a good reputation in power resistor heatsink manufacturing and distributing to both local and foreign markets. We manufacture the widest range of power resistor heatsinks designed for applications that need high-power densities. Heatell will be the excellent supporter of your brand market, guaranteed quick and friendly customer support.

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Heatel: Your Reliable Power Resistor Heat Sink Manufacturer in China

Heatell introduces a larger version of the power resistor heatsink that provides more heat dissipation. Whether you’re looking for the top-quality power resistor heatsinks or other heatsinks product, Heatell has you covered. We are offering the advanced power resistor heatsinks product to optimize your devices and systems.


Heatell Power Resistor Heat Sink

Are you in need of a power resistor heat sink for your applications that need high power densities? Get an affordable, durable, and high-quality power resistor heatsink only in Heatell. We are a professional power resistor heat sink manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 8 years.

Worldwide, Heatell is the best fabricator of power resistor heat sink specifically constructed to enhance the thermal of its power resistor series. Our power resistor heat sink includes a combination of cooling performance, compact dimensions, high-surface-area, and lightweight.

Through the years, we have been a leading provider of a high-quality power resistor heat sink in many industries all over the world. Heatell power resistor heat sink is widely used for power amplifiers, motor drives, power supplies, and inrush current control applications needing a 20-100 W range of resistors.

Heatell power resistor heat sink is preferrable at designers using TO247 or TO220 resistor in power electronic assemblies in medical and industrial markets. There are different manufacturing techniques in producing power resistor heat sink. It can be skive-fin heat sink, cold forging heat sink, bonded fin heat sink, stamping heat sink, folded fin heat sink, and many more.

Different power resistor heat sink processes are available upon request. Heatell power resistor heat sink is also available in many different color options such as black, green, blue, red, and many more. No matter the color, we can customize it for your satisfaction.

What’s more, our Heatell power resistor heat sink can be manufactured into different surface treatments such as anodized, electrophoresis, mill-finish, and many more. Here in Heatell, we can manufacture standard and custom power resistor heat sink base on your specifications.

Heatell is an expert power resistor heat sink supplier and distributor for over 8 years. Heatell power resistor heat sink is distributed to many countries all over the world. Mainly are Mexico, USA, Spain, Italy, Africa, etc. In fact, they’ve been gaining the best reputation in foreign and domestic markets.

Heatell is well-known not for only power resistor heat sink production but for many types of heat sink solution including inverter heatsink, electronic heatsink, industrial heatsink, amplifier heatsink, and many more. Heatell can provide a one-stop-shop heatsink fabrication solution to our customers all over the world.

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