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IGBT Heat Sink

IGBT heat sink is the short term for “Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor heat sink”. Another quality of Heatell IGBT heat sink is its ability to withstand current shock. Heatell IGBT heat sink can endure high and extremely high temperatures too!

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Heatell: Your Best IGBT Heat Sink Manufacturer with Best Price

Heatell IGBT heat sink is among the heat sinks that have good thermal conductivity. Through IGBT heat sink calculation, we can calculate its heat dispersion.

igbt heat sink

It also has great thermal resistance. Also, one great feature of IGBT heat sink is its excellent heat dissipation performance.

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Heatell IGBT heat sink is characterized to have a large capacity and high frequency. Heatell IGBT heat sink has a very high efficiency!

IGBT Heat Sink

In addition, Heatell IGBT heat sink has a junction temperature. IGBT module can also power electronics!

IGBT HeatSink

Moreover, Heatell IGBT heat sink is easy to drive and assemble! Your company won’t feel any hassle in purchasing our IGBT heat sink!

In addition, Heatell IGBT heat sink has very high reliability! Heatell IGBT heat sink is made from comprehensive procedures! Heatell ensures to provide your business with IGBT heat sinks that will last long!

igbt heat sink

Heatell IGBT heat sink has many interesting properties. Foremost, Heatell IGBT heat sink can still function when exposed to a voltage of more than 1500V. Also, Heatell IGBT heat sink’s current rate can reach up to a hundred amperes!

Heatell IGBT heat sink is continuously succeeding in the market! It has many uses and functions. Heatell IGBT heat sink helps in making traction inverters, ac, and motor drive. Moreover, Heatell IGBT heat sink is used in digital control technology too!

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Heatell: Your Reliable IGBT Heat Sink Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Heatell IGBT heat sink has different heat transfer modes. Heatell IGBT heat sink can dissipate heat through air cooling, and water cooling. Heatell IGBT heat sink is also accessible at the custom copper heat sink and aluminum heat sink. We give our customers the right to choose their preferences!

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Also, Heatell IGBT heat sink comes with many inclusions! Your company can buy our IGBT heat sink with heat dissipation fins! If you’d like to inquire about the different fins that are available, message us! We will surely grant your request!

Heatell IGBT heat sinks can also come with heat pipes and substrates. You can decide on which inclusion to choose! It depends on your business’ needs! We are very willing to accommodate you anytime!

Heatell IGBT heat sink is available in standard packages. Enquire now and we’ll gladly give you the list of the standard packages! We are more than willing to give you the heat sinks your business needs!

Heatell is best known for its customized heat sinks. We accept customization of your IGBT heat sinks. Message us the design styles, and the materials that you would want us to use! We’ll make sure that your IGBT heat sinks suit your needs!

Heatell has supplied and manufactured several heat sinks around China. Not only that, Heatell has successfully delivered heat sinks worldwide! We deliver at a fast rate! Your company’s satisfaction is our number one priority!

Heat sinks from Heatell are made from advanced technology. It is using modern machinery to produce quality heat sinks!

Request a quote now and let’s collaborate on making your IGBT heat sinks! We ensure that your company will receive quality heat sinks that have excellent performance!

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