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Your reliable heatsink extrusion manufacturer and supplier.

Heatsink Extrusion

Heatell heatsink extrusions reach a 15-20 high aspect ratio that significantly increases the products’ cooling efficiency. Heatell heatsink extrusion guarantees to sustain effective cooling even in high-power electronic machines or devices!

  • Heatsinks made with advanced technology
  • Effective and high cooling performance
  • Various selections of heatsinks you can choose from
  • Fast delivery rate at peak season

Heatell: Your Best Heatsink Extrusion Manufacturer with Best Price

Heatsink extrusion also called extruded heat sinks, Heatell is one of the most prominent heatsink extrusion producers in China!

With almost 10 years in the service, Heatell has also become one of the top-rank manufacturers of heat sink extrusions globally!

Our high-quality standard and custom heatsink extrusion are achieved with state-of-the-art extrusion lines imported from Taiwan!

Heatell heatsink extrusion manufacturing process takes advantage of its 5 sets of technologically advanced and completely automatic extrusion lines from 660T to 4000T.

Heatell heatsink extrusion can provide the largest cross-width measurement of 400mm! Heatell heatsink extrusion features a high fin density that improves thermal performance. Efficient electronic cooling is featured in all of our designs! Heatell design includes a Straight fin, slant fin, and pin fin Heatell heatsink extrusion.

 Heatell heatsink extrusion’s greater number of fins means more surface area to dissipate heat!

Heatell: Your premier heatsink extrusion manufacturer and supplier

Heatell heatsink extrusion commonly utilizes alloy grades 6061 and 6063. These alloys are known for their high thermal conductivity! Plus, 6061 and 6063 alloy grades also possess premium durability. Heatell heatsink extrusions are very reliable for efficient thermal dissipation and very long-lasting as well!

Heatell heatsink extrusion offers you a complete list of options!

Heatell heatsink extrusion is available in various design profiles! Heatell can lessen your expenses with our available custom configurations for cutting to length, CNC milling, riveting, and surface finishing. Heatell can provide the perfect heatsink extrusion for any project specification you require.

Depending on the temper you require, you have the freedom to choose the type of alloy to be used for your heatsink extrusion! Added to it is the Heatell’s attractive surface finish of your choice! Heatell’s skilled engineers assure to manufacture your custom designed heatsink extrusion with the best quality and cost-efficiency.

The different surface finishes add more toughness, effectiveness, and aesthetics to the design.

Heatell heatsink extrusion’s anodization is an environmentally safe process that improves weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and surface emissivity.

Instead of powder and paint coatings which reduce thermal performance,Heatell heatsink extrusion utilizes color dyes in anodization that do not affect surface emissivity.

Anodization is the most famous surface finishing and Heatell’s specialty!

Heatell’s advanced heatsink extrusion techniques can bring you design profiles from simple to the most complex ones! Standard Heatell heatsink extrusions are normally available just within a few days.

Heatell’s well-trained engineers will evaluate the best fit for your desired shape in our standard designs. This will lessen your manufacturing cost even more if it is available in stock!

Heatell is well equipped to receive and manufacture your special design requirements!

Our company is waiting to give you full service from design to production! We will be very excited to work with your expanding company!

At Heatell, we give our customers the importance that they deserve!

We will be very pleased to provide you with various heatsink extrusions that your project needs!

Heatell guarantees to provide excellent tech support and fast delivery of your orders! Request a quote now for simple ordering or send us an email!

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