Heatell Folded Fin Heat Sinks

Heatell is a leading manufacturer of folded fin heat sinks. Our folded fin heat sinks made from high-quality materials such as copper and aluminum, our heat sinks offer excellent thermal conductivity.

Folded fin heat sinks are widely used in various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, Industry, and aerospace.

At Heatell, we offer a wide range of folded fin heat sinks, catering to different sizes, shapes, and thermal requirements. Our experienced team can also provide custom designs to meet specific project needs.

Folded Fin Heat Sinks Design Phase Communication

Date: 27nd May 2022

Today, we received an inquiry from a Singapore customer, and the customer inquired about the folded fin heat sinks  shown in the picture below.

aluminum Folded Fin Heat Sinks

There are various materials and types available for folded fin heat sinks, and most of them can be made into thin sheets that are easy to fold. Many materials that are easy to fold can be used as folded fin heat sinks materials.

In thermal manageAment, the most popular materials are copper and aluminum because they have the highest thermal conductivity.

Copper and aluminum folded fins are the default materials we commonly use. We can also work with stainless steel, copper-nickel, chromium-nickel-iron alloys, or other nickel alloys.

The choice of material depends on the specific application and the thermal transfer requirements.

After our technical staff evaluation, we can customizing this kinds aluminum heat sink, However, the MOQ is 3000pcs per design commonly.

We understand that the heat sink profiles is currently in the design stage, and it may not be feasible to meet such a high quantity requirement at this time. We are willing to support the client by providing mold samples.

Custom Heat Sink Preliminary Quotation

Since the folded fin heat sinks width and height need to customized, we need open folded fin heat sinks molds.

We assure our customers of lifelong maintenance and replacement for custom heat sink.

Folded Fin Heat Sinks quotation

After we make a quotation to them, the client is interested and has decided to order 8pcs custom heat sink samples. Typically, when a client orders one set of molds and requests a sample, we do not charge any additional fees.

However, since the client is ordering 8pcs aluminum heat sink samples, we need to consider the operational costs of our workshop machinery, labor costs, and our team’s management costs.

Therefore, we will need to charge a sample production fee. The client has expressed understanding and agreed to this arrangement.

Custom Heat Sink Sample Production

On average, it usually takes us 35-40 days to complete sample production. However, considering the the client is urgent for these samples, we will make every effort to expedite the process and aim to complete it within approximately 25 days.

On July 27th, we finished the mold, and then tried to produce a batch of samples, but it was slightly bent, so the mold was repaired and redone.

Folded Fin Heat Sinks

After seeing this sample picture, the customer reminded us that the width should be 70mm, which is too wide from the picture.

We explain to the customer that we cut according to the customer’s size after folding, and the maximum width can be 300mm before folding.

On August 12th, we finished the sample.

folded fin heatsink

Folded Fin Heat Sinks Feedback

Date: 23nd Aug 2022

The customer received the sample and tested it. The customer feedback was very good and they plan to place the bulk order at the beginning of 23.

Except for folded fin heat sinks, Heatell also have other types heatsinks, such as extruded heat sink, die cast heat sink, bonded fin heat sink, skived fin heat sink, pin fin heat sink,etc.

Heatell strictly controls product quality to ensure that each product meets high standard requirements. We adopt advanced production technology and strict quality management system to ensure product reliability and long-term stability.

So don’t wait – see what our heat sink solutions can do for your project today! Click here to find out more and get started on your order now.

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