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Flat Heatsink

The leading flat heatsink manufacturer and supplier in China

Flat Heatsink

Heatell flat heatsink is one of the leading products in the industry. Heatell Flat Heatsink has excellent thermal conductivity and cooling capacity.

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Heatell: Your Best Flat Heatsink Manufacturer with Competetive Price

Furthermore, Heatell flat heatsink is known for its lightness. Heatell flat heatsink is compact and slim! Heatell flat heatsink is recommended for electronic products such as motherboards and computers.

flat heat sink

Moreover, Heatell flat heatsink has a high heat radiation efficiency. Also, Heatell flat heatsink has a very good cooling system that can dissipate heat!

Flat Heatsink

Heatell Flat Heatsink 20 times aspect ratio is making it known worldwide! Heatell Flat Heatsink is a thermally efficient solution! Heatell Flat Heatsink specializes in releasing the heat from your equipment!

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Heatell flat heatsink is popular for its versatility. Heatell flat heatsink can be used for tons of purposes.

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It can be utilized in LED lights, welding machines, inverters, and power supply. There are more of its functions! Heatell Flat Heatsink is used in making communication devices, electronic equipment, and cooling systems!

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Heatell: The Professional Flat Heatsink Manufacturer with Wholesale Price

Heatell Flat Heatsink can be used in thermoelectric coolers. Heatell Flat Heatsink can be availed in passive heatsinks or fanless heatsinks!

Another amazing feature of a flat heat sink is it reduces the risk of overheating. Your business wouldn’t worry about your hardware overheating. Heatell Flat Heatsink is surely the solution to your problem!

Heatell Flat Heatsink has undergone different procedures. First, it went through heat sink profile extrusion. Next, it is cut with the use machines. Heatell Flat Heatsink is either milled, drilled, or tapped. Then, it goes to the deburring process. The last steps are cleaning, inspecting, and packing.

Heatell ensures the quality of your heatsinks. Each procedure is done professionally. In addition, Heatell Flat Heatsink is made with technologies that are advanced in today’s world.

Heatell Flat Heatsink is commonly made by 6063 aluminum alloy grade. But Heatell also offers a wide array of choices for your company! You can request your desired alloy grade and we’ll work on it!

Moreover, the standard tempers of our flat heat sinks are T5, You can avail them in just a call away! If you want to have other tempers, Heatell is open to your opinions! Here at Heatell,  we welcome your suggestions!

Also, Heatell Flat Heatsink is available in anodized surface finish. For if you like other finishes other than that, you can coordinate with us. Just leave us a message and we’ll surely recommend something for you!

As for the shapes of our flat heat sinks, it is accessible at standard shapes. You can choose square flat heat sinks, rectangle flat heat sinks, and many more! To know more about the shapes we can offer, do not hesitate to collaborate with us!

Heatell is known for its success in the production of heatsinks. We ensure that we only provide quality and affordable heat sinks that suit your preference! We are a trusted and reliable brand of heatsinks located in China!

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We value customer service because your business matters to us! Request a quote now to be among our satisfied customers!

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