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 Heatell chip heat sink, also known as the chipset heatsink, is a widely used aluminum heat sink in computer components and motherboards. Chipset heatsink is also preferred in DVD players, refrigerators, and other industrial or appliance applications.

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  • Efficient Thermal Conductive Material Used
  • High Surface Area Design for Better Thermal Management

Heatell: Your Reliable Chip Heat Sinks Provider

Heatell chip heat sinks are assured to provide excellent cooling performance.

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Heatell specializes in making highly efficient and durable Chip heat sinks. Also, Heatell chip heat sink is your best heat sink type solution to prevent overheating.

Chip Heat Sink

Moreover, Heatell chip heat sink is used from personal to powerful computers that need help with heating problems.

Chip HeatSink

One of the benefits of the Heatell chip heatsink is its high heat dissipation capability. Heatell chip heat sinks effectively prevent parts of a motherboard from overheating.

heat sink design for power electronics

Aside from those, Heatell chip heat sink is a great heat conductor. High thermal conductivity helps chip heat sink to transfer heat from chips or components and release heat to its fins. Heatell chip heat sink design features increased fin surface area for more effective heat dissipation.

heat sink used in electronics

The most common material used for Heatell chip heat sink is aluminum and copper. Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity of 235 W/m-K. The higher the thermal conductivity, the more efficient it is for heat transfer.

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Heataell chip heat sinks have a lightweight characteristic that reduces mounting stress on the motherboard. Heatell chip heat sinks made of aluminum are less expensive to produce. The chip heat sink made of aluminum material helps you have high efficient thermal solutions while saving your budget more.

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Heatell: Your Premier Chip Heat Sink Manufacturer and Supplier


The copper chip heat sink has a very high thermal conductivity of 400 W/m-K. Copper chip heat sinks cost more and are heavier than aluminum. How does a heat sink work? Yet still, it is ideal for motherboards and industrial application that requires extensive heat management or cooling.

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Heatell has many surface finishes to offer for your chip heat sink. Anodizing is one of our specialties. Anodizing increases your Heatell chip heat sink’s strength, corrosion resistance, and surface emissivity.

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The anodized chip heat sink will give a long-lasting solution to all your cooling needs. Heatell chip heat sink eliminates the risk of permanent heat-caused damage from your components.

You can also choose from fade-resistant colors for your chip heatsink. Heatell chip heat sink is available in blue, black, green, red, and other eye-catching colors. For sure, Heatell chip heat sinks will attract more customers to boost your business.

We have all your needs to support your expanding business. Heatell offers wide choices of standard heat sink designs ready for shipment. Deep machining including CNC machining, cold forging, skived fin, extrusion is also ready for service.

Custom chip heat sink designs and sizes can be obtained to fit specific projects. Contact us today to achieve your thermal design requirements. Heatell guarantees a long-lasting and world-class quality chip heat sink to help your project and has more sales.

Heatell treats our customers with fast production and early delivery. We own advanced production lines and experts to ensure the quality of your orders. For almost 10 years, Heatell never fails to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our customers’ convenience is always our top priority. For inquiries of heat sink price, get a free quote now. Your chats will be answered immediately within 8 hours.

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