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The leading China heat sink manufacturer and supplier with competitive price.

China heat sink

Heatell has advanced manufacturing lines that guarantee to produce highly durable and efficient thermal performance China Heat sinks.

  • Cost-efficient heat sinks
  • Effective and great cooling performance
  • Complied with European Rohs Standards
  • No quality concerns

Heatell: Your Reliable China Heat Sink Manufacturer with Best Price from China

Heatell’s China heat sink is here to solve the cooling problem of your projects. Our team of professionals and cost-efficient production process will help you all the way from designing, testing, and manufacturing your high-level China heat sinks.

Heatell China heat sink is now popularly used in electrical and mechanical devices that are known to be exposed to rugged conditions and in high temperatures.

Heatell’s professional thermal performance evaluation ensures that all of our China heat sinks produced are of their maximum potential in cooling.

Heatell manufactured China heat sinks are definitely one of the most reliable brands in China!

Heatell offers all kinds of China heat sinks using a high-performance variety of aluminum alloys and copper materials!

Our comprehensive list of standard China heat sink and the option for customization assures to provide the perfect China heat sink you need!

Our comprehensive stock of Standard China heat sinks can decrease your manufacturing cost and increase your profit!

The Products You May Looking for

Heatell: Your professional China Heat Sink Manufacturer and Supplier

Heatell’s cost-competitive China heat sinks will give your business many advantages. If the heat sink you require is available in our 1000 custom standard China heat sink, it permits a lower production price to boost your business.

Heatell China heat sinks also offer up-to-date production techniques that include die casting, CNC machining, cold forging, stamping, cutting, riveting, skiving, punching, and extruding.

China heat sinks available at Heatell include extruded heatsinks, skived fin heat sinks, pin fin heatsink, bonded fin heat sink, cold forging heatsink, stacked fin heat sink, Folded Fin Heat Sinks, zipper fin heat sink, and more standard heat sink and custom heatsink.

Heatell China heatsink comes with custom sizes, shapes, and surface treatments that will increase durability and aesthetics!

The most preferred surface treatment and the specialty of Heatell is the anodized China heat sink. With Heatell’s advanced anodization process, your China heat sink will have an enhanced stylish appearance and increased corrosion resistance!

Heatell manufactured China heatsink guarantees high thermal conductivity! Heatell industrial heat sink has efficient heat dissipation and corrosion resistance that most industrial businesses in China prefer.

Heatell China heat sinks are also available in different colors of your choice! Improved thermal management and stylish design of Heatell China Heat sink lead to more client satisfaction!

Heatell China heat sink can also be manufactured using copper material. Copper heat sink has a very high melting point that is ideal for high temperatures. Anti-oxidation and nickel plating is also an option to prevent tarnishing and maintain the aesthetics of your China heat sink.

Whichever material you prefer between aluminum and copper, the Heatell China heatsink will provide your project the highest standard!

Our solid team of experienced engineers and modern manufacturing pieces of equipment will help you through the designing, testing, and manufacturing process.

Heatell is your companion in providing thermal solutions! Furthermore, our facility has SGS Quality Certification and complies with European Rohs Standards!

We are privileged to work with your company for mutual progress! With more than 8 years of focus on quality improvement, Heatell is your reliable provider of high-standard China heat sinks.

Heatell assures you to improve your projects and escalate your business sales!

Request a free quote now for a quick response from our responsive team, as fast as within just 8 hours!

Heatell ensures that our customers have no quality concerns upon shipment of their China heat sink products!

We will deliver your orders, with a quality report, 10 percent faster than our competitors!

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