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BGA Heat Sinks

Heatell BGA heat sink applications are often small in size which requires precise design and extrusion. If you need precise extrusion and efficient cooling designs, our BGA heat sink is your best choice!

  • Precise production and designs
  • Easy mounting and hassle free installation
  • Non-standard parts are available upon request
  • Provides heat sinks with excellent thermal performance

Heatell: Your Best BGA Heat Sinks Manufacturer with Competetive Price

Heatell is one of China’s leading providers of BGA heat sinks in both the local and international markets.

Heatell BGA heat sink is one of the superior standard and custom design industrial heat sinks. Heatell BGA heat sink gives reliable thermal solutions for all your project’s cooling requirements!

Also, Heatell BGA heat sink has low-cost thermal solutions and cooling performance! Heatell BGA heat sink is also a cost-efficient and very affordable aluminum heat sink!

Heatell BGA heat sink is in short for Ball Grid Array heat sinks. Heatell BGA heat sink is the same as other Heatell’s high-performance aluminum extrusions. The only difference is that it is mounted on BGA devices.

BGA HeatSink

Heatell BGA heat sink can be extruded from 6061 and 6063-grade aluminum alloys. Both alloys have ultimate thermal conductivity, high strength to weight ratio, and corrosion resistance. Heatell BGA heat sink will suit your project needs with its long-lasting thermal solution!

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Aluminum grade 6061 extruded in Heatell BGA heat sinks have good machinability, weight-efficient, and excellently accept surface finishes! It has a high melting temperature of about 585-degree Celsius and a tensile strength of 124-290 MPa.

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Also having 151-202 W/m-K of thermal conductivity, Heatell GBA heat sinks ensure to provide maximum performance.

BGA HeatSinks

In comparison, the 6063-grade alloy is mostly preferred for extrusion. Alloy 6063 enables easy manipulation of Heatell BGA heat sinks to your preferred shape. It has a slightly higher melting point of 615-degree Celsius and is made durable with a 145-186 tensile strength.

Heatell alloy 6063 allows for an excellent thermal conductivity of 201-218 W/m-K of your BGA heat sinks!

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Heatell: Your Premier BGA heat sink Manufacturer and Supplier


Heatell BGA heat sink has a wide surface area too! An increased surface area allows more effective heat dissipation. Also, Heatell BGA heat sink is easily compatible with various popular BGA devices.

BGA HeatSinks

Moreover, Heatell BGA heat sink has different mounting styles which you can choose from. Heatell BGA heat sink comes with adhesive, clip, mounting bracket, PCB, snap-on, and screw! Also, the materials used on our BGA heat sink are aluminum and metal! These materials ensure the quality and high efficacy of your BGA heat sink.

Furthermore, Heatell BGA heat sink is available in various fin styles. There’s a wide array of choices for you! Heatell BGA heat sink can be bought with angled fins, straight fins, omnidirectional fins, and extruded radial fins!

You can also get your BGA heat sink in different standard colors, shapes, sizes, and surface finish! It is a natural convection heat sink.

If the choices above do not match your preference, Heatell offers to customize your BGA heat sink. We also have a heat sink catalog and wakefield heatsink catalog. Heatell can deliver and supply your business with non-standard parts of BGA heat sink! These are available upon your request!

Heatell BGA heat sink can be anodized which enables an increase in corrosion resistance durability! Heatell BGA heat sink is one of the best thermal extrusions choices if your business is looking for cost-effective cooling solutions!  Heatell BGA heat sink is known for its long-term reliability and rapid prototyping.

Heatell professional engineers will take care of your company’s mounting problem. We ensure to give you our best performance to guarantee your satisfaction!

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