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Heatell Battery Heat Sink to Skyrocket Your Business

Heatell is an expert fabricator of battery heat sinks in China for nearly 9 years. We supply thousands of battery heat sink to help you improve your business. Heatell can also help you in your battery heat sink production from your special idea and design, prototyping to battery heat sink manufacturing and fabrication. We are a dedicated team, owns the latest production line and making use of rich knowledge in manufacturing battery heat sinks. What’s more, we can custom battery heat sink design for yourspecial assembly and delivery needs.

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Heatel: Your Reliable Battery Heat Sink Manufacturer in China

Looking for a reliable battery heat sink for your project or business? This offer is for you! Heatell has a wide range of battery heat sink ready to deliver. We are a professional battery heat sink provider and fabricator in China for nearly 9 years. We are your best partner to manufacture with your battery heat sink needs. We have our own state-of-the-art production line to offer outstanding quality battery heat sinks and free thermal design services. In China, Heatell is not just a battery heat sink manufacturer but also an OEM manufacturer for your brand. Heatell team can fully support your business with our advanced techniques. Contact us now!


Heatell Battery Heat Sink

Mainly, batteries are long-lasting, more powerful, and smaller, suitable for many devices ranging from phones and smartwatches to electric cars and electric-powered aircraft. Generally, batteries often need a heatsink as they generate heat and power.

Now, if your concern is to find the reliable manufacturer of a high-quality battery heatsink, then this is the answer! Heatell is not only your thermal solution provider but also a manufacturer that specializes in the safe management of battery heat.

Heatell battery heat sink is typically made from copper and aluminum materials. However, Heatell battery heat sink can be manufacture from several materials with a high level of thermal conductivity. With the conduction, the heat from the battery transfers to the heat sinks.

You can avail of our battery heatsink in many different sizes and shapes. Heatell does deep machining in producing top-quality battery heatsinks including bonding, cold-forging, CNC machining, skiving, extrusion, stacking, stamping, die-casting, and many more.

Heatell battery heat sink will keep the thermal stability within limits for your electronic parts. All in all, our battery heat sink provides thermal energy management and heat dissipation through the heat-dissipating.

At Heatell, we are your one-stop-shop for battery heat sink solutions. We can custom your ideal battery heatsink according to the size, color, surface coating, and shapes upon your request.

Depending on your application, we can add coatings for your Heatell battery heat sinks. There are anodizing, mill-finish, powder-coating, and custom-tailored to your specifications. For the custom battery heat sink design, please submit your specifications.

Surface treatments for Heatell battery heatsink provide corrosion resistance, wear resistance, increases electrical isolation, and surface emissivity. After anodizing, you can get Heatell battery heatsink in blue, green, black, red, and many more colors that you want.

Whether you need different kinds of heatsink for your different applications, Heatell is capable in most heatsink production including PCB heatsink, inverter heatsink, electronic heatsink, motor heatsink, amplifier heatsink, etc.

We have the most manufacturing capabilities, which ensure high-quality and well-made battery heat sink production. Heatell offers made to order battery heatsink that could work for a wide variety of applications. No matter what type of heat sink or quantity of heat sink you need, we can design and get them for you.

Find the right battery heatsink only in Heatell! Our team of professional customer service fully supports you to meet your demands. Contact us right away for excellent service, fast shipping, and low prices!

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