Anodized Heatsink
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anodized heat sink

Anodized Heatsink

Heatell is offering electrochemical methods for all types of heatsinks referring to aluminum materials. A wide range of heatsinks in Heatell can be anodized. We perform different steps in the heatsink anodizing process: pretreatment, cleaning, coloring, anodizing, and sealing.

Heatell anodizing heatsinks eliminate mold scratches of the heatsinks. Through Heatell’s high-tech manufacturing process, our anodizing heatsinks have stylish, strong, and good protective properties. Purchase yours now to encounter the enhancement of your business!

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Your Premier Anodized Heatsink Manufacturer andProvider

Heatell is one of the popular anodizing heat sink manufacturers in China.

anodized heatsink

We are committed to helping you resolve every potential thermal design issue.

Anodized Heat sink

We can customize your anodizing heat sink design according to your project requirements.

Anodized Heatsink

Heatell is focused on the anodizing heatsink that is equipped with an advanced facility.

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With our well-trained engineers and latest equipment, Heatell can assure you of the high-precision, excellent design, and high-standard anodizing heatsink products.

anodized heat sink factory

Item TypeAnodized Heatsink
Material6000 series, 7000 series
ShapesBased on your requirements.
ColorBased on your requirements.
Technicalextrusion, skived fin, stamping, cold forging, bonded fin, die-cast, liquid cold plates, folded fin
Application1. Computer fields: computer mainboard, PC, IPC, Server, PCTV, Router, Power supply (CPU cooler, VGA cooler, Cooling fan)
2. Home appliances: pico projector, electronic refrigerator, red wine cooler, LASER TV, LCD TV, LED panel, Sound, Air condition, induction cooker, etc.
3. LED lighting: stage light, high bay light, downlight, street light, automobile lamp, etc.
4. Security fields: security cameras, infrared light cameras.
5. Machines: Industry/Medical/Military machines.
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Packagingstandard export packaging or as discussed
Service1. Free sample, Free design;
2. OEM/ODM available;
3. Custom-made request;
4. New design solution suggestion
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port
Our Advantagesuperior quality with competitive price, Certified enterprises in China

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anodized heat sink

Heatell: The Professional Anodized Heatsink Supplier and Manufacturer Over 8 Years

Heatell is offering electrochemical methods for heatsinks. And this is what we call anodization. This is usually the most common procedures of surface treatment in electronic cooling. Unlike powder-coating or painting, anodization thickens the naturally-occurring oxide layer on the surface.

heat sink profile testing

Heatell anodizing heatsinks improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, increase electrical isolation, and improve surface emissivity. Another benefits of anodized aluminum heatsinks are the capability to add colored dyes.

anodized heat sink advantage

The porous oxide layer of the heatsinks can be filled with dye, which is resistant to fading and get locked in. Heatell anodized heatsink can be obtainable in different colors like blue, black, green, and many more. Regardless of the color, the heat transfer will not be affected.

As mention above, Heatell anodized heatsinks increase surface emissivity. It means that Heatell anodized heatsink creates a more pronounced difference in passive, small heat sinks.

heatsink profile

After anodizing heatsinks, expect the colorful appearance and decorative effects of your heatsinks. Heatell anodized heatsink will surely catch the attention of your customers.

Heatell anodized heatsinks is an environmentally safe electrochemical process, generally changes the microscopic texture of the metal. Anodized heatsinks guaranteed a durable surface of the heatsinks.

aluminum heat sink enclosure

Different aesthetically pleasing colors and protective benefits of anodized heatsinks have widely used in many commercial and industrial applications. For electronics cooling, Heatell anodized heatsinks provide dielectric isolation of the cooling components.

Definitely, Heatell anodized heatsinks will bring great advantages and countless features to your projects. No matter what the color of your heatsinks, we can fabricate it according to your request.

Heatell anodized heatsinks have comprehensive protective features that are suitable in many electronic cooling solutions. Here in Heatell, you will find a satisfying quality of anodized heatsinks. We have over 8 years of anodized heatsinks experience, so you can truly count on our team.

Heatell integrates extrusion, deep research, design, and machining services like cutting, stamping, cold forging, die-casting, CNC machining, many more.

Allow Heatell to be part of your growing business! Get yours now to experience the improvement of your business!

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