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aluminum heatsink

Aluminum Heat Sink

Heatell aluminum heat sink is one of the best standard heat sinks offered by us. They have a feature of low weight, good electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, and many more.

Our team can do deep machining for the aluminum heat sink including stamping, CNC machining, cold-forging, skiving, extrusion, cutting, and so on.

Our advanced manufacturing procedures will ensure the precise and outstanding design of your aluminum heat sink.

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Your Best Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer and Provider

Heatell owns comprehensive tools and machines to fabricate the aluminum heat sink that you need.

aluminum heat sink extrusion

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow us to provide you with a high-quality aluminum heat sink suitable for your projects.

extruded heat sink

We can help you save your money and time when you allow us to be your ultimate manufacturer and supplier of aluminum heat sinks.

heat sink extrusion process

Our project team is absolutely focused on customer service. We also offer manufacturing services to make your projects fulfilled.

aluminum heatsink factory

Item TypeAluminum Heat Sink
ShapesBased on your requirements.
ColorBased on your requirements.
Technicalextrusion, skived fin, stamping, cold forging, bonded fin, die cast, liquid cold plates, folded fin
Application1. Computer fields: computer mainboard, PC, IPC, Server, PCTV, Router, Power supply (CPU cooler, VGA cooler, Cooling fan)
2. Home appliances: pico projector, electronic refrigerator, red wine cooler, LASER TV, LCD TV, LED panel, Sound, Air condition, induction cooker, etc.
3. LED lighting: stage light, high bay light, downlight, street light, automobile lamp, etc.
4. Security fields: security cameras, infrared light cameras.
5. Machines: Industry/Medical/Military machines.
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Packagingstandard export packaging or as discussed
Service1. Free sample, Free design;
2. OEM/ODM available;
3. Custom-made request;
4. New design solution suggestion
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port
Our Advantagesuperior quality with competitive price, Certified enterprises in China

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Heatell: The Professional Aluminum Heat Sink Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Heatell aluminum heat sink is the most popular used for thermal solutions. This aluminum material is one of the most widely used metals in the world.

aluminum heat sink advantage

Heatell aluminum heat sink is very popular for its good electrical and thermal conductivity, low density, low weight, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance.

heat sink profile testing

They are easy to recycle, easy machine, and easy malleability. The aluminum heat sink is also non-magnetic that avoids interference of magnetic fields.

round aluminum heat sink

The aluminum material is quite a large coefficient of linear expansion than other metals. As mention above, Heatell aluminum heat sinks are easily malleable. It makes them essential for the bending process, extrusion process, and other forming products.

large aluminum heat sink

Heatell aluminum heat sink is machined from aluminum 6061 and 6063. They have a thermal conductivity of 167W/m-K that makes them ideal for machined heatsinks and extruded heatsinks.

aluminum heat sink enclosure

Here in Heatell, we can offer a custom or standard design of aluminum heat sink. For your custom aluminum heat sink, we can manufacture according to your build-to-print design. Also, we can offer you a design according to thermal requirements.

Our range of Heatell aluminum heat sink includes BGA Plate Fin Aluminum Heatsink, DC Plate fin Aluminum Heatsink, BGA Round Pin Aluminum Heatsink, DC Round Pin Aluminum Heatsink, BGA Elliptical Fin Aluminum Heatsink.

Heatell is a well-known provider of aluminum heat sink to a wide range of customers that needs only a few heat sinks. Not just for individuals but for a production company that requires thousands of aluminum heat sinks.

We are a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of custom, standard, and OEM, aluminum heatsinks. Our range of aluminum heat sink allows us to complete all your needs.

All in all, Heatell can help you fabricate all kinds of aluminum heat sink that give you reliable and workable solutions.

Get in touch with us to know more about Heatell aluminum heat sink fabrications.

Aluminum Heat Sink: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing aluminum heat sink without the right information can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about aluminum heat sink.

So, keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Are Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Aluminum heat sinks are passive heat exchangers that transfer heat generated from electronic or mechanical devices to fluid mediums.

Aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sink

You can use the aluminum heat sink to increase heat flow from hot devices thus maintaining proper working temperatures.

2.  Properties Of Aluminum Heat Sinks

Well, aluminum heat sinks have very unique properties that you should take advantage of as a mechanical thermal solution.

Apart from being the second most widely used metal product, aluminum posses’ other properties that increase its popularity.

Here are the main properties of aluminum that increase its popularity as a heat sink material.

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum has great thermal conductivity of 239 ranking high on the list among other types of metals.

You can use it as a great heat dissipator to eliminate excess heat from mechanically heating machines.

  • Great Electrical Conductivity

Apart from being a great heat conductor, aluminum is also a great electric conductor compared to other metals.

Great electrical conductivity proves that aluminum is capable of eliminating heat at a higher rate thus suitable for a heat sink.

  • Low Density

Aluminum has a low density of 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter thus reducing the overall weight of the heat sink.

You can use aluminum as the main heat sink without increasing the overall weight of the attached mechanical device.

  • High Strength

Pure aluminum has a tensile strength of 90 Mpa which can increase to over 690 Mpa for other alloys.

The high tensile strength of aluminum increases its resistance to high temperatures thus maintaining its original form.

  • Easy Malleability

You can easily cut and mold aluminum into different shapes and sizes according to your heat sink specifications.

  • Excellent Resistance To Corrosion

Aluminum has great corrosion resistance thus making it suitable for use under elements that cause corrosion.

It is also suitable for use in heat sinks due to the high corrosion resistance properties that increase its durability.

  • Easy to Recycle

You can also recycle aluminum easily because it maintains its original characteristics throughout its life time.

  • Non-magnetic Properties

Aluminum also has nonmagnetic properties thus making it suitable for use in different magnetic fields to eliminate excess heat.

3.  Thermal Conductivity Properties Of Aluminum Heat Sinks

Aluminum heat sinks have great thermal conductivity that helps eliminate excess heat from different devices.

However, you can either choose between the two main aluminum heat sink alloys depending on its thermal conductivity.

Here are the two main aluminum alloys and their respective thermal conductivity that you can opt for.

  • A6061 Aluminum Heat Sink

When choosing the perfect heat sink, you should note that A6061 aluminum heat sink has a thermal conductivity of 167 W/m-K.

It is the most suitable type of aluminum alloy for making machined heat sinks.

  • A6063 Aluminum Heat Sink

You may also opt for the A6063 aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity of 167 W/m-K.

It is the most appropriate type of aluminum alloy for manufacturing extruded heat sinks.

4.  Aluminum Heat Sinks Vs. Copper Heat Sinks

You have to use a heat sink in any of the applications that you might come across that generates heat.

When choosing a heat sink, you will choose from the two major categories of heat sinks which are aluminum and copper heat sinks.

Here are the unique aspects that differentiate aluminum heat sinks from copper heat sinks.

Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum heat sinks are the most common types of heat sinks that you can opt for.

You can choose the extruded aluminum heat sinks to fit any type of application or project.

aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sink

It is light in weight and also exhibits great thermal conductivity thus making it good heat sink.

Copper Heat Sink

You can opt for the copper heat sink which has better thermal conductivity than the aluminum heat sinks.

However, despite having better heat sink properties, copper is heavy and costs more than aluminum heat sinks.

copper heat sink

copper heat sink

You will choose copper heat sinks in applications where thermal conductivity is of great importance than weight requirements.

5.  Types Of Aluminum Heat Sinks

You have to look at your application specifications before choosing the most appropriate type of aluminum heat sink.

Among the numerous types of aluminum heat sinks, you can either opt for standard or custom aluminum heat sinks.

The following is a list of aluminum heat sinks that you can choose from depending on your application specifications.

  • BGA plate fin aluminum heat sink
  • DC plate fin aluminum heat sink
  • BGA round pin aluminum heat sink
  • DC round pin aluminum heat sink
  • BGA elliptical fin aluminum heat sink

6.  Benefits Of Aluminum Heat Sinks For Your Applications

You can join a myriad of people using aluminum heat sinks and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers.

The following are the advantages that you should consider when choosing aluminum heat sinks.

Easy Manufacturability

Generally, aluminum is one of the cheapest and most efficient metals that you can use to manufacture a heatsink.

Apart from that, aluminum is light in weight and malleable, thus making it simpler to manipulate into various shapes.

Custom Coatings

You will also explore the freedom of coating the aluminum heat sinks into any color or texture according to application requirements.

Apart from that, you can also come up with a unique or custom coating that for aluminum heat sinks to fit your needs.

Rapid Prototyping

In addition, you can make the same type of aluminum heat sink over and over again by exploiting the ease of prototyping.

Instead of coming up with new designs all the time, you can easily create prototypes of a single design.

7.  Factors Determining Aluminum Heat Sink Price

Generally, aluminum is an affordable material that provides or gives you all the heat sink properties you desire.

There are, however, other influencing factors that will influence the amount of money you spend on aluminum heat sinks.

The main factors that influence your expenditure on aluminum heat sinks include:

Aluminum Heat Sinks Size

The bigger the size of the aluminum heat sink, the higher the amount of money you will spend on making purchases.

The bigger the aluminum heat sink, the higher the price because you will need more materials that require more money.

Aluminum Heat Sink Design

You will also spend more on complicated aluminum heat sink designs due to the amount of work required.

Highly complicated aluminum heat sink designs require a lot of materials as well as expertise to manufacture thus increasing the cost.

Aluminum Heat Sink Quantity

You will have to dig deeper into your pockets to get more aluminum heat sinks because price increases with quantity.

In other words, a higher number of aluminum heat sinks will definitely increase the amount of money that you will spend.

8.  Active Aluminum Heat Sink Vs Passive Aluminum Heat Sink

There are two main categories of aluminum heat sinks which include the active heat sink and passive heat sinks.

Here are the main details differentiating active aluminum heat sinks from passive aluminum heat sinks.

Active Heat Sink

You can opt for an active aluminum heat sink that comes complete with a blower or fan.

They have moving parts and provide excellent performance even though they are expensive.

active aluminum heat sink

active heat sink

The most common type of active heat sink is the ball bearing motor fan heat sink.

Passive Heat Sink

You may choose the passive heat sink with no mechanical components and depend on convection to eliminate excess heat.

passive heat sink

passive heat sink

It is the most reliable type of heat sink compared to the active heat sink even though it costs less.

9.  Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing Techniques

When choosing the most appropriate type of aluminum heat sink, you can differentiate them according to the manufacturing process.

Each of the different types of aluminum heat sinks come with its benefits and disadvantages.

Let’s have a look at the differentiating features of the six main types of aluminum heat sinks in this category.

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

You will make most of the extruded aluminum heat sinks using extruded aluminum materials making it useful for most applications.

You can manufacture extruded heat sinks easily because it is cheap and allows for custom modification.

Extruded Aluminum heatsink

Extruded Aluminum heat sink

The performance can range from high to low performance even though the dimensions are limited to maximum extrusion width.

Bonded Aluminum Heat Sinks

You will use bonded heat sinks in applications that require large sized aluminum heat sinks.

In this case, you can use a different type of fin material and base material.

Instead of using pure aluminum, you may also opt for a mixture of copper and aluminum to boost the performance properties.

Bonded aluminum heatsink

bonded aluminum heat sink

Mixing copper and aluminum allows you to balance weight of the heat sinks while increasing thermal performance.

Generally, this type of heat sink provides moderate performance while even though the price is high.

Skived Aluminum Heat Sinks

In most cases, skived heat sinks come from copper even though you can use a solid block of aluminum materials.

You can achieve high fin density through skived aluminum heat sinks due to the high design flexibility.

Additionally, they have greater surface areas that increases heat dissipation capabilities thus offering medium to high performance.

skived aluminum heatsink

skived aluminum heat sink

However, they are often heavier and have directional sensitivity as the main disadvantage.

Stamped Aluminum Heat Sinks

You will use stamping as the main manufacturing process to solder aluminum metal fins to different base materials.

It is suitable for low power applications and are cheaper to produce due to ease of production automation.

stamped aluminum heatsink

stamped aluminum heat sink

However, despite the low cost, you will have to endure very low performance from the stamped aluminum heat sinks.

Forged Aluminum Heat Sinks

In this case, you will compress aluminum materials to make forged heat sinks suitable for numerous applications.

You can mix the cold forging and hot forging processes of aluminum to produce medium performance heat sinks at affordable prices.

forged aluminum heatsink

forged aluminum heatsink

However, you will have a limited range of design capabilities to choose from.

CNC Machines Aluminum Heat Sinks

You can achieve complex geometries with CNC machined aluminum heat sinks that offer high thermal performance.

CNS Machine aluminum heat sink

CNS machine aluminum heat sink

There is plenty of flexibility on the design, even though the production process is time consuming and costly.

10.  Factors Affecting Efficiency Of Aluminum Heat Sink

The efficiency and performance of a heat sink depends on a number of factors depending your application specifications.

You must maintain the perfect balance between all the factors to have an efficiently working heat sink.

Here are the main factors that you must look at on the performance and efficiency of an aluminum heat sink.

Material Thermal Conductivity

In this case, the most appropriate material that you will use is aluminum which has great thermal conductivity.

Air Velocity

You must also consider the speed of air flow through the heat sink depending on the allowance on the heat sink.

The greater the airflow allowance, the higher the air velocity, hence the higher the performance of the heat sink.

Design Of Protrusion

You must consider the numerous protrusion designs available for the different types of aluminum heat sinks.

In this case, the better the protrusion design the greater the efficiency and performance of the aluminum heat sink.

Surface Treatment

When choosing the surface treatment, you must choose one that does not retail heat within the heat sink.

There are heat sinks that withhold heat within the heat sink while others quickly eliminate the heat.

11.  Types Of Aluminum Alloys For Fabricating Heat Sink

Well, you can choose from the four main types of aluminum alloys suitable for making aluminum heat sinks.

Among the four main types of aluminum heat sinks, you will choose the most appropriate alloy with great heat dissipation capabilities.

Here is a list of the four main types of aluminum alloys for making different types of heat sinks.

  • Aluminum Alloy 1050 with thermal conductivity of 229 W/M-K
  • Aluminum Alloy 6060 with thermal conductivity of 166 W/m-K
  • Aluminum Alloy 6061 with thermal conductivity of 152 W/m-K
  • Aluminum Alloy 6063 with thermal conductivity of 201 W/m-K

12.  How To Enhance Thermal Performance Of Aluminum Heat Sink

You can choose aluminum heat sinks that are either liquid cooled or air cooled.

You have to pay close attention to the numerous factors that influence the performance of the aluminum heat sinks.

Here are the main factors that affect or improve thermal performance of aluminum heat sinks.

  • Air or Liquid Flow
  • Fin Channel Design
  • Surface Treatment
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Costs
  • Joining Methods
  • Types of Materials

13.  Fabricating Aluminum Heat Sink

Depending on the shape and design, you can choose among the numerous fabrication methods for your aluminum heat sink.

In most cases, you should consider the extrusion manufacturing method which is the simplest mode of manufacturing.

Here is a step-by-step process that you can follow to manufacture or fabricate heat sinks using extrusion method.

Step One: Alloy Selection

First, you will choose an aluminum alloy which fits the ultimate specifications of your aluminum heat sink.

The most appropriate type of aluminum alloy to use is the 6000 series aluminum alloy.

In this case, you can choose from the two main aluminum alloys before you proceed to the extrusion process.

Step Two: Extrusion Of Aluminum Alloys

Secondly, you will come up with a design and use the extrusion equipment to extrude the aluminum alloy.

The machine will produce the final extruded aluminum in the shape and size that you desire.

After that, you will proceed with the attachment of the extruded materials on to the base materials making the heat sinks.

Step Three: Secondary Mechanical Machining

As soon as the whole set up is complete, you will proceed with secondary machining to improve the quality and performance.

Apart from that, secondary machining can also improve the overall performance of the aluminum heat sink.

Finally, you will complete the process by adding the most appropriate surface finish before final testing process.

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