Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure
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Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure performs greatly in heat dissipation! Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure provides excellent air cooling too!Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure removes heat through different heat transfer methods!

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  • Selectable heatsinks are available
  • Meets and exceeds industry standards
  • Easy installation of heatsink products

Your Best Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure Provider and Manufacturer

Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure has various great functions! Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure is widely utilized in audio amplifiers and power supplies.

aluminum enclosure box

Aside from that, Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure is also used in electronic devices such as computers, and a lot more!

Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosure

Heatell has a great variety of extruded heat sinks, skived fin heat sinks, cold forging heatsinks, heat pipe heat sinks, zipper fin heat sink, and other aluminum or copper heatsinks best selling with various thickness and diameters.

aluminum enclosure extrusions

The production process is very strict with advanced equipment, such as CNC machining center and vertical turning machine.

aluminum enclosure suppliers

After the finishing processes, we attach the fins to the heatsink to make sure every heatsink can work stably and efficiently.

custom aluminum enclosure

Plus, Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosures are used in the electrical industry. Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure is used in circuit boards, power systems, and processors! Heatell heatsinks are super versatile!

heat sink enclosure factory

Item TypeAluminum Heat Sink Enclosure
Material6000 series, 7000 series
ThicknessGeneral profiles thickness: 0.8 – 5.0 mm;
Anodized protection thickness: 8 – 25 um;
Powder coating color thickness: 40 – 120 um.
Length3m~6m or more per piece. Customized request available.
ShapeSquare, Rectangle, Round, Flat, Angle, T profile, etc.
Or as per customer’s requirement.
ColorMetal silver, champagne, black, white, mirror, customized request available
ApplicationWindows and doors, curtain walls, glass wall, furniture, ceiling, kitchen, LED strip, transportation rail, vehicles, motor housing, machine, tent, solar. Industrial profile, Decoration profile, etc.
Technicalextrusion, skived fin, stamping, cold forging, bonded fin, die cast, liquid cold plates, folded fin
FinishAnodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.
Deep processCNC,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Packagingstandard export packaging or as discussed
Service1. Free sample, Free design;
2. OEM/ODM available;
3. Custom-made request;
4. New design solution suggestion
Delivery time15-20 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated
PortShanghai Port
Our Advantagesuperior quality with competitive price, Certified enterprises in China

heat sink enclosure application

Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure’s operating time is between negative 20 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius. It’s the best fit you’re looking for!

heat sink profile testing

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Heatell: Your premier Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure Supplier and Manufacturer

Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure has undergone extrusion processes. Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure is heavy-duty! It can survive in tough environments.

Heat Sink Enclosure advantage

Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure functions very well even in harsh situations! Another thing to love about the Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure is that it can withstand high temperatures!

large aluminum heat sink

Heatell offers broad selections! You can design your very own aluminum Heatsink enclosure!

Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure is selectable through various options!  You have plenty of color choices. Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure comes in silver, metallic gray, and black colors, any other color also can be customized.

heat sink extrusion

Also, Heatell aluminum heatsink enclosure goes in a variety of surface finishes! You can choose from anodized, milled, powder-coated, and polished! We will take action on what design your company desires!

The customization of your aluminum Heatsink enclosure does not stop there. Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted. It depends on your preference!

You can also modify your aluminum heatsink enclosure with silkscreens, and cutouts! Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure can also be engraved by lasers!

Here’s another exciting benefit for your company! You can also request silicon protectors! Not only that, you can ask for heatsink cases too! These add-ons are perfect for maintaining your aluminum heatsink enclosure! You are guaranteed to benefit from your quality aluminum Heatsink enclosure for a long time!

Heat is removed through the Heatsink enclosure’s very good fins! We also provide standard fins! You can choose your preferred fins!

But if you wish to add more designs and styles to your aluminum heatsink enclosure, message us through our email: We can discuss your choices right away! We promise to give you a high-quality aluminum Heatsink enclosure!

Heatell aluminum Heatsink enclosure provides easy installation! You won’t spend a lot of time installing it!

Heatell is one of the best thermal solution providers in China! We offer all types of heat sinks! Enquire now, and we surely have what you need!

Heatell is your friend! We will support your business projects! We will be so happy to supply you with the heatsinks your company needs! And we ensure to deliver the products you deserve 10 percent faster than normal!

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