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Heatell active heat sinks are widely used as cooling systems for their efficient removal of heat from components.

Active Heat Sink

The distinct advantage of the active heat sink is the use of mechanical components such as fans. Heatell active heat sinks guarantee a much faster cooling process than passive heat sinks.

  • Less Bulky and Lightweight Design
  • Supports Global Delivery of Goods and Services
  • Next-Level Cooling Performance for Demanding Applications
  • Expert Testing Services to ensure Products’ Thermal Performance

Heatell: Your Premier Active Heat Sink Manufacturer in China

Heatell active heat sink ensures more efficient removal of heat from components. Moreover, Heatell active heat sinks are mostly preferred for more intensive cooling demands.

Heatell active heat sink’s fans are responsible for a more effective heat reduction. The addition of the fan indeed boosts its performance to the next level.

Active Heat Sink

In addition, Heatell active heat sink is more portable in size. The fan does the majority of the work in heat dissipation. Thus, Heatell active heat sink does not require a large surface area to dissipate heat.

Active HeatSink

Heatell active heat sinks are widely used as cooling systems for electronic devices like computers, DVDs, power supplies, and more.

heatsink manufacturer

Also, Heatell active heat sinks boost processors, graphics cards, LEDs, and other electronic components’ performance.

heat sink used in electronics

Heatell is well-respected to provide perfectly suited thermal designs. In fact, Heatell active heat sinks are your company’s next go-to provider of high-efficiency thermal solutions.

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Heatell: Your Reliable Active Heat Sinks Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Heatell is well-regarded in manufacturing custom active heat sinks based on our customers’ thermal design ideas. We have comprehensive software and testing services to provide you with final designs.

Heatell active heat sinks come in thermal models for you to check their actual cooling performance.

Heatell active heat sink is not prone to collapse due to weight. Moreover, Heatell active heat sinks have a very compact and lightweight design.

Active Heat Sink

Additionally, Heatell active heat sinks result in a more reliable and stronger connection. Heatell active heat sinks have a reduced risk of falling, which might damage your projects.

Heatell active heat sink is known to have a simple installation process. In the same way, Heatell active heat sinks can be easily removed or replaced without any unwanted internal damage.

Likewise, Heatell active heat sink is manufactured according to your design specifications. Our respected engineers guarantee that your active heat sink orders will satisfy all of your special requirements.

Heatell active heat sinks are available in various materials of your choice. But if you are not sure, our experts will help you pick the perfect material that fits your project.

For what suits your product, you can choose from our different surface finishes. The most widely used surface treatment for your active heat sinks is anodizing.

The fan still directs some of the hot air from the components to aluminum parts. Anodizing improves the heat dissipation performance of your active heat sink’s aluminum parts.

Also, Heatell active heat sink’s aluminum parts acquire increased surface thickness and corrosion resistance from anodizing. That is why active heat sinks are dependable to give cooling service for a long time.

On top of that, Heatell active heat sinks have many color variants. The good thing is that after anodizing, the dye on your active heat sink will not affect its heat dissipation performance. Heatell active heat sink will indeed attract more buyers.

Moreover, advanced testing services are offered to determine if the active heat sinks’ design matches your thermal requirement.

To satisfy our customers’ needs is our goal and passion. Heatell is your partner to help boost your business.

Heatell also accepts OEM services that will support your business. Enquire now for further information.

Your orders are guaranteed to be delivered securely and without delays. Fast quote now to experience quick and helpful responses from our friendly team.

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