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Devoted to make heat sink for 8+ years
One-stop design and manufacturing service with a full range of stocks

Heatell is a company specializing in manufacturing, marketing and thermal system management of standard heatsink and customize all types of heatsink, We are SGS certified and have been recognized as one of the leading players in the industry.

Products are widely used in all related electronic industries which require heat dissipation usage, it covers comprehensive applications in every industry.

As an SGS certificated company, we ensure you all heatsinks are manufactured to meet or exceed industry quality standards.

Heatell will deliver a high thermal performance of standard or customized heatsink within our quality control system and rocket your business.

  • Extrusion Machining

About us

Heatell is currently equipped with the capability to provide one-stop manufacturing solutions from tool design, heat dissipation design optimization, extrusion, stamping, soldering, die casting, CNC, cold forging, and assembly.

Our main businesses are manufacturing and supplying Extruded heat sink, Heat sink plate, Bonded heatsink, Skived heat sink, die casting heat sink, cold forging heatsink, liquid-cooled plated, Pin fin heat sink and so on.

Ensuring you reduce the purchasing cost while precision manufacturing requirements.

Skilled Engineers Support

Our engineers over 10+ years in Heat dissipation analyze industry and rich expertise in metal fabrication industry,  Heatell continues yearly investment in R&D that guarantees high technical service to you.

Heatell has CFD, Solidworks, CAD that can model your thermal parameters design by using our comprehensive software supports. Whatever weight reduction, remove fans for passive heat dissipation, save your whole cost to the final product, Heatell keeps this cooperation principal to boost you make business project.

  • Thermal managment system
  • mold design

One-Stop Procurement

Relying on our professional supply chain management team, Heatell offers a full range of heatsinks and related cooling components kits, Integration with components in the original place, and reduces the whole project cost.

Our ERP management system controls all of our partners more efficiently on manufacturing and ensures your product quality and timely feedback.

We are capable of controlling all manufacturing procedures and optimize production processes to control the lead time which meets your expectations.

Development History

Company establishment and started provided OEM services for heatsink
Imported equipment to start production techniques of skived fin heat sinks and bonded fin heat sink
Started the reaserch on the thermal solution for the high power application
Introduced the advanced machines for large high desity heat sinks that were independently to the market
Participated in international exhibitions to expand the overseas markets, And devoted to become the heat sink supplier in global
set up the thermal labortory for advanced testing
Obtained credit by the honest enterprise heatsink enterprise in China as the excellent supplier

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